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WGM Contest - Who is the World's Greatest Musician????

RevPops has challenged every musician in North America for decades and REMAINS the Greatest Musician in America - will he reign supreme in Eastern Europe also and become the "WGM" (World's Greatest Musician)? Does anyone care about quality at all in the Western world anymore?

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Rabbi gets Jim Bakker to admit most US preachers have the end times BACKWARDS...Christ returns AFTER the tribulation

(8 1/2 minutes into video)

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Home again Home again Jiggity Jig!! Back in Motown again, resting and fixing my plumbing. Email first, then Come on over and set a spell! Peas n Loaves, ~RevPops

"Inasmuch as you did it to the least of these, you did it unto me" ~Yeshua(Jesus)

The Truth is Available; We're all 1 race, so care for each other humans! Clean up your messes and stop fighting, the Elohim will be here soon.


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We Will Fly
3 Blind Mice
No One Sees
Black and White (Revive us)

Samantha LYRICS

The Smile
The Tree
A Virus

His House

Founded in 2000 to bring positive ideas that can prosper humanity to the masses
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His House is a company I started in 1999 dedicated to producing top quality entertainment media with a positive message to take over the world.





My goal is to fill this page with news and information that will help us all live in peace and love





The "War on Drugs"

Many people from the 'religious right' have been asking why there is so much "cannabis stuff" on our website. For the answer click My Politics





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His House founder Matthew W. Pittaway, writer, minister, artist, indie video producer and political activist, speaking live on UStream, is seeking to be nominated King.
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Check out my songs free:

3 Blind Mice
No One Sees
Black and White (Revive us)

Samantha LYRICS

The Smile
The Tree
A Virus

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Check out my songs free:

3 Blind Mice
No One Sees
Black and White (Revive us)

Samantha LYRICS

The Smile
The Tree
A Virus


This website contains intimate personal information about real human beings, and our living changing organic life story in process. Do not judge anyone as there are many facets to each one of us. When someone attains perfection, let us know. Until then we're keepin' it real.
Hi, I am Rev. Matt "Pops" Pittaway, and I AINT the BAD GUY! One of my goals is to let people know God has a sense of humor. I am proof; a High School dropout, Mensan, Phi Theta Kappa, college professor, minister, and the undisputed "Best all around Musician in America".

I have concluded that the problem with the USA is that we, the working class citizenry, have become victims in our minds instead of victors. I refuse to be a victim; I am a sovereign eternal being and i will conquer and expand my boundaries daily because I am a lover not a hater.


Time is shorter than we are led to believe by our Corporate/FCC controlled TV and radio news hirelings. Click on the headlines they don't want you to think about....

FILM - toxins being sold to us; cancer is cured NOW

Vaccines ; the truth will save your life, and your loved ones

Center for Food Safety - a non-profit group helping us find health again in America

Director Harry SHearer talks about "The Big Uneasy" Katrina cover-up; mind blower must see TV

The Young Turks; Truth and news you won't get on cable

Important music video (flash animation)

Feds implicated in huge Cocaine and Gun Smuggling from South America; your tax dollars at work!

Liberty Coalition - Libs and Cons join forces for Constitution

"Mark of the Beast" RFID chip is here!

150+ proofs the US Govt. planned and carried out 9-11

A MUST READ - War on Terror to protect our freedom?

Watch your tax dollars being wasted

"Al-CIA-Da a big fake; Brittish soldiers caught masquerading as Iraqi's killing police
KATRINA: more FEMA cover-ups!
Are Elections real or staged?
Cat Stevens - The All American Muslim!

Israeli Scientists find safer medicines in Cannabis
Benny Hinn's board dealing heroin?
What is the BEST product American's can produce to boost the economy?
Can Ibogaine cure alcoholics and junkies?
Army to police U.S. citizens?
Montel Williams shows Washington Hypocrisy

Wake Up and Fight them America, the New World Order bankers HAVE taken over our country!!

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I have always been interested in new ideas and have invented several gadgets and gizmos. If you are interested in developing new ideas into products or investing, contact me by E-mail


My poems are usually song lyrics. Sample at your own risk:

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9/11 - What you don't know can hurt you, as it did 3000 Americans.
Alex Jones (take with a salt grain)

Bush and Kerry both admitedly are members of the secret "Skull and Bones" society
Skull and Bones

Support Tennessee Senator Cohen's compassionate efforts to decriminalize medical marijuana.
Sen. Cohen

You are not stuck with picking one side of the same coin (dems or repubs) for office. Let's shed the "secret" New World Order.
3rd party choices

The freedoms we take for granted are being usurped daily. Be diligent becuase liberty comes with a price. Consider the issues carefully and make sure you don't just swallow the media machine's programming; dig for the truth.
American Family Association (take w/ salt)
The Constitution Party
Renew America
National Right to Life (take w/ salt)
Tennessee USMJP
Washington State Independent Political Party

SIRIUS - a MUST see documentary

Watch the film "Siruis" on for an entertaining, if scary, version. ~RevPops

Our Motorbike Club Colors


Detroit: Frischkorn Hood Park fixed up at last

The city fixed up the park finally. Guess the squeaky wheel principle still applies. Peas n Loaves, RevPops.



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New - diagram showing why majority do not rule

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In Memory of Justin

A multimedia presentation was put together by the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department for Justin. Click to view Justin's Memorial







Our Loss

Thanks for your prayers as we adjust slowly after the loss of our youngest son Justin Isaac Pittaway in 2005.

Justin's story has been made into a screenplay and we hope it will someday be made into a film. Click here for Justin's story







Book Reviews


Important Books - Here are some great books on

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Family Man


Father - We have 2 great kids; Heidi and Joshua, and eagerly await our reunion in heaven with Justin.

To check the progress of Justin's story "Have a Heart" being made into a movie, click: Justin's Story






There is a huge struggle going on right now in the medical system concerning drugs VS nutrition. Our food is grown chemically to be large and appealing, however it is void of minerals. Many cancers and diseases are literally being cured by the latest nutritional supplements. Huge drug companies and government (FDA etc) agencies stand to lose hundreds of billions of dollars if we get healthy!! Click here for the latest hi-tech supplement.





Home remedies, organic pest control

I wasted a lot of money and choked on pesticides and the roaches didn't go away. Then I found some simple natural answers; cheaper and no poisons!

Home Remedy encyclopedia

Webmaster, Computer and Network Consultant

The internet and computers are a huge help to small and home based businesses, networking your computers, printers and even your entertainment devices together on a hard line or wireless network able to reach every corner of the planet. These "time saving" devices can also be a major headache. I've had extensive experience in both consulting, reparing and teaching college courses on computers, local networks and the internet. I give one free consultation to all new customers.
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Music Videos

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I play the violin, piano, guitar and harmonica.


I mostly sing original songs which can be heard at

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You can read my diatribes here: Preaching

New World Order

Here is a graphic showing the spheres of influence in our culture to try and help facilitate understanding of the New World Order. Click:

Check these new songs I recently completed:

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Scared - Real Audio
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A folk song asking the musical question, "Where are we going?"

Samantha's song
A true story about a little girl. Being made into a video soon.

Black and White
Wait thru the 3 minute intro for the singing. Yes I played the fiddle parts on a real violin.
These are only mp3's - for a CD with better quality contact me.
All songs (c.) 2004 Matthew W Pitttaway, ASCAP, available under the Creative Commons license.





Matt Pittaway with son Justin and 2 friends at the Nashville Film Festival.

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Member of Mensa






USMJParty info

I have ascended to the exalted position of Mentor to New States Joining the USMJP. If you want to start a chapter in your state or need any TN related info on the USMJP e-mail me: Matt


I recommend activists get involved with the LEAP group (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).
Here's their website:

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NSA Convention






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The Arts in Nashville

I envision a network for people in the arts in Nashville. Click "Arts in Nashville" for more info.






I was an itinerating evangelist and Gospel singer before moving my family to settle in Nashville. Click Ministry Visions for more info.

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